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Our experienced technicians are I-CAR gold certified experts. They are trained using repair methods guided by your specific vehicle's manufacturer.  Each vehicle and part meet safety standards and undergo quality inspections to ensure your vehicle is repaired with excellence and integrity every time.  Art, workmanship and skill are applied in all layers of the repair process to bring  a vehicle back to its like-factory condition. 
Our Promise To You Since 1940

lifetime warranty

We stand behind our work with a lifetime warranty on all repairs.

convenient estimates

We keep your repair process moving forward at every step to make sure your repair happens as timely as possible.

over 80 years of excellence

Our repair facility in Holland, Michigan has been here since the 1940s, and we have continued the tradition of being locally-owned and operated ever since. We care because our customer is our neighbor and our friend.

What We Offer

Body Repair
Modern vehicles have over 100 million lines of code and numerous electrical systems that require diagnostics, monitoring, and calibrating. Mannes professionals make sure ALL systems are working properly and safely after every repair.

Our entire Mannes Body Shop team meets GOLD-CLASS standard. (Only 10% of repair facilities actually meet this standard.)
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Detail Service
Our immaculate attention-to-detail is what makes Mannes’ the best choice when you need your vehicle detailed. Illuminating your vehicle’s every feature, our detailer goes above and beyond to ensure your vehicle looks, smells, and feels its very best. Deep-cleaning solutions and specialized equipment penetrate germs so your car feels fresh with quality control measures in each step of the process.
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Auto Paint
As Michigan’s most masterful auto paint shop; our highly-trained technicians make sure your vehicle is painted with the most beautiful and durable result possible. Protect your investment and make sure your vehicle is in the right hands!

Our Gold-Class techs are artists in disguise. Your vehicle is our pride. From minor touch-ups to complete paint jobs, we make sure your vehicle’s finish is flawless. We guarantee it.
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Been In An Accident?

Download the 5 things you should do immediately after an accident

Why We Do What We Do

Been In An Accident?

Download the 5 things you should do immediately after an accident