Since 1940, Mannes has always been Holland, Michigan. Holland is our home and we are honored to be able to serve and contribute to our community. As a local business here in West Michigan, we are invested in our people, our town, and our work. Our customers are our neighbors and our friends, and it’s important to us that we take care of them.

Holland is full of hard-working, local business owners who are proud of their effect on the town. Holland’s spirit of entrepreneurialism arose out of necessity. The town pulled itself out of economic depression by creating opportunities. It was built by imagination, hope, and determination. Many of the local businesses here today have been here for generations and have become a part of Holland’s traditions and culture. Because of this, local businesses share a mutual respect. They support each other, take risks for each other, and root for each other’s success. This mentality fosters entrepreneurship and opportunity for the entire community and in turn, there are more businesses, restaurants, and shops contributing to Holland’s charm.

We have won awards in the past several years celebrating our overall happiness. This “happiness” has been attributed to our beautiful location on Lake Michigan, our four awesome seasons, our charming streets, our countless breweries and restaurants, our deep-rooted traditions from our Dutch heritage, and our family-friendly festivals and activities. Really, we have all of these things because of our happiness. In general, we are happy to be here, happy to serve, and happy to be Holland.

We are honored to be nominated as one of Holland’s “Best” by the Holland Sentinel this year. To vote for Mannes please visit here. Thank you for your support in 2017! We look forward to helping you #loveyourdrive in 2018.


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